Pimp up my rhino II

It's been a while but here we go:

I've been very busy with my Mordheim Warband - maybe some off-topic pictures following up - and my new project my Night Goblin Army . But I also finished some Tactical Space Marines, assembled my Predator and I pimped my Rhino:

Actually I don't have a new Rhino but I have a new Razorback since in my early armylists I preferred Razorbacks. This changed but I did not want to buy me a new Rhino because in smaller games or alternative lists I may want to use the Razorback again. So I decided not to glue the Lascanons but leave it variable so that I can put it back in if I want to use a Razorback instead of a Rhino.
So but what to do with the hole in the top of the Razhino? So I started doing some experiments with plasticard and build me a fastening for the hole.

So this is how it is done:
You need some plasticard (go and see the next model making shop) some superglue, a printer, a Image Manipulation Program(I used open office drawing, its opensource) a sharp (!!!) knife, sand paper, a needle and some wood glue.

Start your software and draw a circle (inner) with a diameter of 2.6 cm - sorry guys I am using SI units :) no idea how many inches this is - and a second circle (outer) with a diameter of 2.8 cm and print them out.

Cut the circles out, this does not have to be very exactly just make sure you don't cut the circles into peaces.

After this, glue them on the plasticard with the super glue and make sure that the edges are glued. Now the cutting begins.
As mentioned before use a SHARP knife so the cutting is very easy - by the way sometimes you don't have to cut the plasticard all the way down because breaking works also very good. To get the circles, use small cuts tangential to the circles, the smaller your interval is the more exact the circles will be.

(Pic: some cutlines)

After you have cut out the two circles use the sand paper to round them up.
Know glue the inner circle onto the outer circle, glue it with super glue and glue it in the center of the side of the outer circle with the paper on.
So now you have your fastening, the rest is up to you, use some bits or make some detail with plasticard. I used to make some bolts, for this take the needle put it in the wood glue and simply use it to put small dips of wood glue in the right size on the plasticard and let it dry!

Similar to the fastening I constructed me some symbols for my tanks. Just print out the symbol (was given by a jpeg-file from the GW homepage) or copy it from a codex or so, cut it out and glue it on the plasticard. One should mention here that you do not have to glue it, you could use a permanent marker to copy it on the plasticard if you want to - i did not have a fine enough marker so i glued it - but gluing is no problem, you can get rid of the paper at the end very easily. Again cut it out, use some sand paper on it and ready!
I did these two :

So this was the homemade part of pimping my Rhino but I did something else.
As I mentioned in some earlier post I bought me some Forge World Stuff on the SUCKING Games Day 09 , a dozer blade and some extra armor. I also applied them to my Rhinoback and here we go (still some Green stuff work to do):

I think it looks pretty nice and as I said I can change to a Razorback in no time!

Other possibilities for doing the bolts are using Green Stuff or peaces of paper clips.

Give it a try!

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