tss.. its a joke

Yesterday night I read a article on http://plasticlegions.blogspot.com/ about the new blastscape from GW. Today I went to my local GW store and I was shocked. The guy there already knew the problem and was also not so amused. So I did not take these and instead took the new Planetstrike book. Before I come to this maybe a little comment on the blastscape: I think that it is a joke to sell things like this, if there was something which GW could rely on at the past time then it was the quality of their plastic miniatures. This absolute catastrophic production is hopefully just a faux pas. But this is what happens if you try to safe some cents in production and give it up to china, always the same. Same was it with the spray pistol some time ago. So whats left is the hope for a callback. Anyway I took the Planetstrike rule book and the first look was 'ok'. Personally I am no fan of big fights but this book offers good ideas for some nice scenarios.

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