Lack of Updates

Sorry for this lack of updates.
I am ill and I have to study for my last exam. But nevertheless I've been busy doing some work on my Iron Knights. Most of it was trying to find conversion ideas for my command squad ( will be used in the first mission of our campaign ) and my Stern Guard. Additionally I finished the 'rule book' for our campaign (up to some minor changes), it is about 9 pages. There are two reasons I will not give it free for download: 1. it is in German and 2. it contains graphics that would - if published - maybe violate some copy rights. But maybe if I will find some time in the next days I will translate it and post a version here without graphics.

Speaking of conversions I did start to convert my 'Champion of the Emperor'-Model to a company champion with power-sword and combat shield. The shield was made of plastic card and has the form of the chapter symbol a cross crosslet. Maybe some pics in a couple of days here.
But I also painted some Marines and assembled my Vindicator and my Drop Pod. I HATE DROP PODS !!!!! It was a absolute horror to build this thing up! There was a point where I was thinking about throwing this thing against the wall. But I decided to save this 25 €...

So again no pics, sorry they will follow, but at least a vital sign.

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