Sergeant finished

I recently finished my Sergeant from the Black Reach Box. And took that opportunity to take some pictures because I  learned (but still have to learn a lot) something about taking pictures from a tutorial.

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Blogger John Stiening said...

He looks great! I know from my own photos that they look much better in person. The camera as a magnifying glass is not the kindest of tools.

23/9/09 14:08  
Blogger Gewaltatron said...

Thx Drathmere, yeah close ups still suck. in person as you said they really look better. I'm trying to improve taking pictures but its quite an art..

23/9/09 14:32  
Blogger Dverning said...

You're still getting some washout from the targetted lighting, but the quality improvement is drastic. Glad to head the tutorial link was useful.

The guy looks pretty good even in the close-ups, especially the red on the cloth. 12x magnification has a way of making every little flaw stand out... Don't stress it. We're all familiar with it. My current opus (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_804hr-DG6uc/SnENXJfcYkI/AAAAAAAAAFc/AzNYzS58FVs/s1600-h/FarSeerRebootFinal.jpg) gets rave reviews yet all I can see is the errant splotch of red on the crest. :-p

Cheers and looking forward to seeing what else you turn out.

23/9/09 16:45  
Blogger Gewaltatron said...

THX @ DVERNING, especially for the tutorial it really helped me. I will work on the close-ups, I think I not so familiar with the correct distance and zooming. The fact that I allways have to put my camera in the station or take out the memory card really drives me crazy, would love to have a live connection to the computer, buts thats the way it is ...
Your pic is great man, love that eldar.
Maybe I shoot some pics at the weekend! cheers

23/9/09 18:26  
Blogger oni said...

He looks really good. The shading and highlighting on the cloth is superb.

23/9/09 22:26  

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