Quick WIP: Stern Guard I

Just a quick preview: These are 5 guys of my Stern Guard unit(s). This is just a WIP post and therefore mold-lines maybe there, shoulder pads and back pads are missing, heads and shoulder pads are actually not fixed yet. And of course the legs of one of the veterans are still missing. These guys are actually not forming a single unit but I have no more meltas left, thus I am not able to build the missing combi-meltas currently. For the Sergeant (the guy w/ the power fist) I did a conversion, placing his bolter under his p-fist with an ammunition belt.

Please  forgive the poor quality of the pictures, they were just taken in between.

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Blogger moresolidify said...

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6/4/10 18:49  
Blogger Painting Pauper said...

Hiya man, loving the look of those knights and thanks for the tip about taping the paint pots together!

You asked me about the price of the compressor and airbrushes. I bought them from ebay as a set. The whole thing including delivery was just over €100.

Here's the listing........

hope that helps

6/4/10 22:09  

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