Preview: Campaign start set

Next week on Thursday it is a holiday here in Germany (ascension of Jesus) and we  decided that this would be a perfect day for finally starting our campaign. The rules are (up to small modifications in the size of the armies) set and delivered to all players. Unfortunately the rule book is in german and contains graphics without permission, so I will not post them here officially.

Participating are two alliances,  the 'loyal' forces consisting of Matthew's Imperial Guard and my Iron Knight Space Marines and the 'traitors' consisting of Mike's Iron Warriors and Tarek's Lost and Damned (using Imperial Guard rules), respectively.

The first campaign-day will include two games, one pre-fight and the first real mission.
In the pre-fight the Imperial Guard and the Lost and Damned will face each other in a 'Kill-Team' game using the new 'Battle Missions' rules.

The first real mission will be 1k pts. of the Imperial Guard vs. 1k pts. of the traitors, allied by 0.75k pts. Iron Knights and Iron Warriors, respectively.

The game will be a capture & hold mission with deployment chosen by the winner of the pre-fight.
The Space Marines, loyal and betrayers will start in reserve.

This so far, further informations will be presented when the campaign day has arrived. Hopefully with some nice pictures.

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