Librarian WIP & Da Waaagh

Here are some pics of my selfmade librarian (still working on it) and the first of my (test-)Orks! I am planing to set up a new blog for them as soon as they make any progress.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures, not doing it very often , taking pictures is still a new area for me.

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Blogger Warhammer39999 said...

The cables, and the sculpting (of both the book and the loincloth) look great, as well as the twisting of the handle on the force weapon. One thing that might need a little extra work is the psychic hood though. I see where you're going with it, but it seems to need a little more definition.

Good stuff though!

18/5/10 01:14  
Blogger Gewaltatron said...

you are right, in fact the hood so far is just a test an maybe serve as framework. thx for the comment

18/5/10 09:30  

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