WIP Update

Here are some pics of my boys, taken just in between and directly before priming. Actually they were standing around here for quiet some time but I finally managed to prime them. Nothing special but anyway, an update:

 This guy is an ork-cyborg, the head will be painted metallic in a 'terminator'-look. The next photo shows his back with his 'engine'

Actually I am planing to do some more of these ork-cyborgs or orkobots to represent the abominations that meks are able to...

Owner of the old ork codex will notice this guy immediately...

Now, since GW is not willing to put more than one copy of each weapon system in a box, one has to build his own rockits!...(sorry for the first pic)


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Blogger John Lambshead said...

Nice cyborgs, very orky.

8/6/10 21:48  

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