Miniature of the week 2

This weeks miniature of the week (mow) is the 'Necron Lord'.

There are two models available, one with a resurrection orb and one with a warscythe.  Both models are fantastic, but I have to admit that I like the latter more. Anyway I will treat both models equally in this post.

So what do I like about the model?
I think it represents exactly how I would imagine a necron lord!
It comes with a mechanical spite and appears to be superior to everything else around it. Especially the model with the warscythe look fantastically evil with his clawed fingers pointing out. Although both models are mainly static the robe adds a nice dynamic to the model.

I simply love this model. It is the manifestation of an evil robotic lord creature...

please check out this astonishing necronlord on cmon http://www.coolminiornot.com/266813

anyone sharing these thoughts?



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4/11/11 18:23  
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