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A short article on how time, space and dice can be saved during a match and increase the fun.

As we all know, when it comes to throwing dice nearly every player has his own habits and usually brings his own dice. All kinds of colours, sizes and throwing techniques, such as screaming out the needed results to hopefully influence the fortune, appear. There are players that like to use some dice shakers or boxes, some like to roll on the table, some like to roll on some special dice boards. There guys that from time to time claim that certain dice are 'empty' or 'have lost their power'. There are even guys that throw some dice through their kitchen because they lost some really important rolls (guilty!).

So usually when two players meet for a match, every body has a hudge amount of dice on this side of the board and every time they have to roll a certain number of dice, they start grabbing and counting some of them, counting again, grabbing some more, putting some back etc.. This takes time and of course if you place them on the board, also needs space on the gaming table. This is why in our gaming group in some of the last games we just used the dice of one single player, of course different colours but just one set of dice belonging to one player. This way, the dices are not located everywhere on the table and of course there are not so many. And whats really nice about it, is that it saves you time and makes rolling dice much easier.
Lets say one player shoots at the other guy he rolls his dice for hitting and wounding and then the other guy just takes the remaining dice for his saves. He can directly take the dice that wounded and does not have count how many dice are lying there and grab his own ones and maybe select a different colour for that melta gun hit,...

It turned out to be very comfortable to share the dices during the games and imho it is even positive for the gaming climate during the game. Of course there are some guys that refuse to use somebodies dices, but lets face it, these guys are just stupidly superstitious or use loaded dice! ;) So in both cases, just put your dice away and use theirs!

For us this was really new and it is probably some old stuff for you guys out there but I really wanted to share this with you.

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