Long time no see

Its been a while since the last post, and this post is basically just a vital sign to show that this blog is not dead yet.

The reason for not updating this blog is, that we managed to start a campaign and that I set up an additional blog for this campaign in German. It is basically just there for presenting the rules of the campaign and some battle reports and I think the readers are almost only players from the campaign.

In this campaign I am playing my Space Marine Army Iron Knights, which I continuously keep painting. Thus there is no time for painting many Orcs or other stuff. But I as soon as I have some small updates I will post them here and on my DakkaDakka Blog.

But in the recent time I am working hard on my diploma thesis and spare time is getting really rare. In addition I am facing an surgery on my knee the next week and will be out of order for some days..




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