to Finecast or not to Finecast ...

So far I did not buy any of these fancy new finecast models. The reasons are simple, I did not need any so far. All my 40k armies work perfectly fine without metal or finecast models and indeed at this point I don't see any change in the near future.

For me this is quiet brilliant, because I have never been a fan of metal models and love plastic models much more (yes yes, this discussion is older than some of the 40k players out there). From this point of view I liked the idea of switching from metal to resin, but what I read about the actual outcome and what I saw at some friends made me shiver... As a customer that pays a quiet (relatively) high amount of money for a product - which is obviously the case for GW models - I demand quality. This means that I would open the product (finecast model) directly inside of the GW store and check the model. And if it has imperfections, return. Now despite the fact that I refuse to go inside any GW store anymore to support my local gaming stores and to avoid these brainless GW zombies, I doubt that after the second or third package the GW zombie will let me open another one and what happens then? Also, what happens if I order some models on the internet and discover all these finecast horror I have seen on the internet? And it is surely not the fault of my local gaming store if these models are cluttered with imperfections, but I don't pay for rubbish! So how is GW handling the complaints? We all know that Forge World is an excellent company that is aware of the fact that they also produce a lot of rubbish and they always threat their customers right, but GW? ....

The problem I am currently facing is, that for my WHFB army I would like to buy a Slann Mage-Priest but it is a metal model. Since it is pretty big, it is very heavy and since I hate metal models,  I actually like the idea of having this thing made of resin. But on the other hand, ... its finecast ....



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