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Review of my first game with Orks against tyranids as a test for our upcoming campaign.

Facing the upcoming second part of our 40k campaign 'Shadows over Neble II - part 2' 40kkk.blogspot.com (which ended in December and was won by my Space Marines) we gathered up for some game last week. As I pointed out in some posts some time ago, I am building up an Ork army. Unfortunately it is a very slow (almost static) process. But nevertheless I tried to play with my Orks last week, in order to see wether I will play Orks in the next campaign.

First off, the list I played was build up in about 5 minutes and highly relied on the models I had available.

The list was basically the following (can't remember all the details):

Warboss on bike, combi-flamer, PK, BP

Bigmek, KFF, BP, 'e Armor

15 Lootas

5 Nobs, Warbikes, 2 PK, 2 BC, Painboy, Grot Orderly, 2 combi-Flamers, 2 big, 2 shootas, BP, Warbanner, Stikkbombz

30 Boyz, Nob, PK, BP, 'e A, Stikkbombz, 2 rokkits, Shootas

30 Boyz, Nob, PK, BP,'e A, Stikkbombz, 1 Rokkit, 1 big shoota, Shootas

3 Killakans, Grotzukkas


Before I give you my experience, I would like to ask you for your opinion: what do you think about this list?

Well, I faced a Nid army which was, like always, a very heavy (hard) list. Genestealers, Tervigon, Trygon, this special Zoantroph in a drop pod, some termas in a drop pod, two hive guards, 2 venomthropes, 2 tyranid primes and 3 biovores. Well my joy of testing my orks was gone when I saw this list, but ok... I wanted to have some fun with my orks and its orks, they are fun by definition.... :)

At the end I lost. It was much closer then the result (3-1 objectives) suggests. And a horrible mistake including the unbelievable double one for the most important charge distance roll basically ruined the game for me. Not to mention the way I used my nobz and the stupid idea of using lootas to hold a objective :). So at the end some boys and the bigmek survived and the killakans...

So this is my experience:

Warboss - Can't say anything. Really could not use him correctly. But I might give him some extra attack next time. Maybe he will hit something then :)

Nobz - basically the same as the warboss. Problem was that I was shot by this damn hive guards (in my opinion one of the best, ridiculously overpowered units in the game) ... no saves at all.

BigMek - Ruled! This KFF is so damn good. Even though it was only 5++ it was really nice.

Lootas - They killed the Trygon in the first shooting phase. 45 shoots and I don't know how many hits.... Problem was they exponentially start to suck if their number is decreased. Anyway a nice unit. Next time I should remember that they are elites and not troops :)

Boys - Well what can I say. They are very nice when they charge. After the charge their ridicules strange 3 sucks! But they did quiet well.

Kans - Well.... Fantastic. 6 templates with BF 3 , S6 was wonderful! Devastating. Even though I had one round with an average scattering of 9 inches and hit nothing! one thing I don't understand is, why do I have to hit with each of this small templates and the fucking biovores have to hit with 1 (the first) of their large templates and then the rest is basically for free ?! this sucks!

So after all I liked this list and I was pretty sure that knowing my army better and knowing all this god damn tyranid special rules, I would be able to kick ass in a rematch. Using my Nobz correctly and securing some objectives instead of just trying to kill everything would definitely help :)

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