Short Battle Report: Iron Knights vs. Chaos Daemons

So tonight I fought against a good friend of mine who was fielding his chaos daemons for the first time. this army was basically his whfb army but he used it for a test match now in 40k against me.

he was basically fielding:
- Herold on Juggernaut w/ 2 or 3  Bloodcrushers
- 3 Flamers
- 10 Horrors with standard bearer/icon and the Changeling (if that was his name)
- 10 Plague Bearers  with standard bearer/icon
- 10 Daemonettes w/ standard bearer/icon
- 10 Bloodletters with standard bearer/icon
- 5 or 6 Seekers
- 3 Screamers
- 2 Soul Grinder

I was fielding:
- Scriptor
- Sternguard, 5 veterans, 3 combimelta, serg. w/ pf. in Razorback w/ heavy bolter
- Dreadnought with multimelta, heavyflamer in drop pod w/ beacon
- Trike w/ multimelta
- Landspeeder w/ heavy flamer, multimelta
- Vindicator
- 2 Predator with autocannon and heavy bolters
- Tactical Squad, 10 Space Marines, Flamer, Rocket Launcher, Rhino
- Tactical Squad, 10 Space Marines, Melta, Multimelta, serg. w/ pf, Rhino
- 5 Scouts, 4 snipers and heavy bolter and cloaks
- 5 scouts, 4 snipers and rocket launcher and cloaks

This short report is some kind of test for upcoming reports and unfortunately without pictures but some scatches.

Deployment and movement here:

I started and could not do much but move. His Flamers scattered off the table and got lost. His Soul Grinder 1 also scattered off the table and I was allowed to redeploy him and put in some ruin, where he failed his test for dangerous terrain and got immobilized! My Drop Pod scattered just 2 inches and I moved all my transporters towards the objectives and the landspeeder went full speed behind some cover. In the shooting phase his Horrors took out the Sergeant of my Scouts squat S1 (with heavy bolter) and his Soul Grinder was able to kill one Scout from S2 (with RL). I will not mark all shootings and movements on the following maps. But in my second turn my Predator to the left killed some Screamers (Sc) the Tactical Squad (melta) left the Rhino (R2) as well as the Sternguard the Razorback (RB). Ok the Trike moved full speed to the right. The Tactical Squad from R2 fired at the remaining Screamers as well as the Razorback did and killed them. My Dreadnought (D) used his Heavy Flamer to kill 1  Plague Bearer (PB) that had walked up to the Scouts S1. But missed with his multimelta. The Vindicator also shot at the PB scattered but managed to kill  2. The second Predator did also very well and killed 1 PB. The Scouts S1were forced to do a leadership test for shooting at the Plague Bearers due to the Changeling but passed and killed 1 Plague Bearer, thanks to the Hellfire-Amo. The Landspeeder showed up and killed 3 or 4 Horrors with his Heavy Flamer. After this the Dreadnought charged the PB and killed 2 and survived without any hit against him, thus 2 additional PB died because they were fearless.

it looked like this at the begining of his second turn.
So I am gettin tired of producing this pictures but here is what happened in his second turn. His Daemonetts and the Seekers as well as the second Soul Grinder showed up. The Horrors scored a glanzing hit at the Landspeeder but fortunately his crew was only shaken. The Grinder destoryed the left Predator which exploded and killed on Veteran from the Stern Guard. His Seekers ran forward and the Soul Grinder 1 again killed one Scout but they passed the leadership test. The last Pleague Bearer was taken out by the Dreadnaught in closecombat. In my 3rd turn, my sternguard entered the RB and drove up to where the left Predator has been and killed some Horrors with the heavy bolter. the Vindicator drove back and killed all the Daemonetts while the Predator killed 1 Seeker, the Dreadnought also killed one with the heavy Flamer and the Scouts SG1 also with the heavy Bolter. Tactical Squad 1 entered the objective in the north and Tactical Squad 2 moved further into the ruins. ah, and the landspeeder moved behind the big ruins in the north to recover...

daemons turn 3 his Herold and Bloodcrushers appeared directly above the last Predator. His Bloodletters scatterd off the table and where also destroyed. At this point all daemon hope was lost but we continued. His Soul Grinder 2 destroyed the Multimelta of the Dreadnaught and the Horrors moved towards the left objective and tryed to kill the RB but could not penetrate the armour. the seekers attacked the scouts but just killed 1 of them but also lost one, thus a draw. the soul grinder tried to charge the Dreadnought but failed.

To bad for him, in my 4th turn the Landspeeder showed up and fired his multimelta in his back and blew the guy up. the Sternguard in the RB drove forward. The Dreadnaught charged the seekers to support the Scouts, while the Scout Squad 2 had already reached the ground floor of the ruin to move forward the right objective. The Predator killed 1 Juggernaut while the Sternguard had left the RB and also killed 2 Juggernauts. The Seekers where killed by the Dreadnaught and Scouts...

Well I font remember the last part of the battle exactly, an maybe it was turn 5 not 4, but this was basically all the action that took place. So at the end of turn 4 or 5 with the exception of the immobilized Soul Grinder and some Horrors the Iron Knights killed every Daemon and captured all 4 objectives. And lost 1 Predator, 4 or 5 Scouts and one Stern Guard Veteran. I have to say, the Daemon player was unluky with two scattering dices and the Bloodthirsters have just been thrown into this dangerous region to get the chance to see them fight, because the game was already lost at that point. Unfortunetaly they dissapeared in the warp... I personally had much luck with the scattering dices, I scattered nearly all the time but always just 2 or 4 inches before subtracting the WS. It was a nice game even though I really dont like Daemons at all...

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