Maptest & Symbol

Well, I spend some time getting comfortable with vector grafics (Inkscape) and changed the first test map. I replaced the hex grid by a new one and I did some symbols for three of the participating armies, namely Nurgle SM, Iron Warriors and Iron Knights. Also I made some test symbols for three buildings, the power station, the shield generator and the command bastion.

This is not finished and just some impressions of how I waste my time at the moment ;)

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Rearranging & Map-Test

As mentioned in the last blog one of the main reasons why our campaign has not started yet is that one of our players is not participating any more. The last days I spent a lot of time taking a look at the 'Mighty Empires' and 'Planetary Empires' expansions of GW, in some WDs. And without knowing the exactly rules (at least not for 'mighty empires') I thought of planing a mapbased campaign for the rest of us 3 players. But since I have currently no money (as mentioned last time) I will not be able to buy me any of those two expansions and so I started creating my own map. This map turned out pretty well and I think I will start creating some campaign rules in the next days. The map was done with Gimp and contains 32 Hex-tiles, I was not sure about the number of tiles so I randomly took 32 because this number of tiles fitted best. Icons for infrastructure and the armies have to be produced as well. I will do this after talking to the other two players.

One advantage of this computer generated map is, that I will be able to put it online and the other players  will be able to see it anytime and everybody else who wants to.

So here is the test map. Comments are welcome (as always)

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There's life in the old dog yet

Hi there,
long time no post but I  finished my exams and will know start to write my diploma thesis and hopefully have more time for the hobby again.
But I did play some games with my Iron Knights and I am unbeaten so far. Some 1k games against Tyranids and Iron Warriors, and some 1.5k games against Iron Warriors and Nurgle Chaos Space Marines. But I think it is merely  a matter of time before I am allowed to taste the bitter taste of failure.

Well, but since there is a new year (ah, btw. happy new year) I have some plans - but they are far from resolved. So here we go:

  • paint more! - Yes I have to paint more! I have to finish my Space Marines at all costs, otherwise there will be no way I will be able to start a new army without getting over-challenged.
  • sell old stuff! - I have got a lot of old GW things, particularly not even assembled that I have to get rid of. These are: Vampire Counts, Tyranids and some Chaos, Tomb Kings And May be my:
  • Beasts of Chaos! - yes they are finally back, arriving at February and I had the opportunity to take a look at the new codex last week, it is very fine and some new models are also very nice (but the minotaurs are awful!). But I will decide how to move on with my army in February , earliest.
  • Necrons! - Hell,.. I was this(!!) close to get me a Necron army, I really love them, I would really love to paint them and I think they will be finished very fast (fast for me) BUT: see above and there is no
  • MONEY! - Its all about the money, in the next months it will not be easy to save some money and especially not for the hobby. I have to pay my kitchen and college tuitions have to be paid next month, so I think I will not be able to afford me a new army. But in a way this is not so bad for the first point mentioned above.
  • play more and get the damn campaign started ! - Ever wondered how this blog is titled and never wondered why no campaign game has started so far? This is because of several events, e.q. first of all the father of one member passed away in November and second one of our members has a not called me in months! I am sick of calling people and never reaching them! But I hopefully will be able to launch the campaign soon!
  • the real life! - I have planed to spent more time with doing sports and of course I have to write my diploma thesis. Two things that could work against the above mentioned points but I will do my best...
so far for my 2010.