Quick WIP: Stern Guard I

Just a quick preview: These are 5 guys of my Stern Guard unit(s). This is just a WIP post and therefore mold-lines maybe there, shoulder pads and back pads are missing, heads and shoulder pads are actually not fixed yet. And of course the legs of one of the veterans are still missing. These guys are actually not forming a single unit but I have no more meltas left, thus I am not able to build the missing combi-meltas currently. For the Sergeant (the guy w/ the power fist) I did a conversion, placing his bolter under his p-fist with an ammunition belt.

Please  forgive the poor quality of the pictures, they were just taken in between.

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A wonderful and easy tool found on the internet makes me happy!

Well, I somehow overcame my painting blockade by halving the number of space marines on my painting desk. I've read a lot of this very nice articles about how to keep painting and how to overcome such blockades and I must say, by splitting up the things that need to be done it is much more easier!

But nevertheless this article is about something else namely a gift from heaven.
I am using different methods to hold my miniatures while painting and I am doing that for a long time now. Usually my favorite tools have been some old cork from wine bottles and old GW paint pots. And they worked well for most of the times, (e.g. for a dreadnought I used something else) but a few days ago I accidentally  saw a new idea while surfing through different blogs. I don't remember the picture I was looking at, but it was not about this mounting but about something absolutely different, the mounting was just in the background somewhere. I was flashed and gave it a try and I must say 'IT IS WONDERFUL', I am talking about this really easy idea of just using some tape to connect TWO of the GW painting pots.

Now I know what everybody will say 'is that guy insane, this is one of the easiest tricks ever, I am doing this for years,...' and yes it is but I never thought about it!
What makes this easy modification so wonderful for me? It is the size! You have a total different way of handling your miniature (see one of the pictures for a very nice pose). It really helps to calm your hand and to reduce the shaking.
Just brilliant!

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